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Mezcal Union Uno Joven

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Mezcal Union Uno Joven

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Origin and Production: Mezcal Union Uno Joven is produced in Mexico and is known for its artisanal production methods. It is made from the hearts of agave plants, along with the flowers and leaves of other edible plants, which are then distilled. The traditional method of making mezcal involves roasting the raw materials on charcoal in underground pits, covering them with soil, and allowing them to ferment before distillation.

Flavor Profile: Mezcal Union Uno Joven offers a smoky flavor profile with pronounced notes of fruit and herbs. It typically has a medium to high alcohol content and exhibits a balanced palate with rich flavors. Each Mezcal Union Uno Joven may have slight variations in taste, depending on the specific types of agave used and the distillation process.

Enjoyment and Pairing: Mezcal Union Uno Joven can be enjoyed neat to appreciate its unique flavors. It is also commonly used as a base for classic mezcal cocktails like the Mezcal Margarita or Mezcal Old Fashioned. Additionally, it can be paired with citrus or orange slices or mixed with other ingredients to create personalized drinks.


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Bottle Size 700ml



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