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Storing Your Wines with M.S Cellars

Members of M.S Cellars has the option to store their wine at our temperature and humidity-controlled facilities. Our facilities typically maintain 14°C, 15°C or 16°C (+ or – 1°C) with moderate humidity levels (55%-75%).

Wine will be catalogued and labelled with your unique membership number plus order ID.

We offer free storage for two months after your purchase, and we will charge $4 per bottle per annum after that. A flat delivery fee of $9.9 delivery will be charged per delivery when you choose to let us send you wine.

What is the benefit to store with M.S Cellars

  1. Cellar Management – Wine will be catalogued and labelled with your own unique membership number. Your wine can be found at our online cellar management system with up to date information.
  2. Easy Access – When you’d like to check on your wine, you can log in to your M.S Cellars account and peruse your personal wine inventory. You can select the wines you wish to collect, sell, or deliver to your home anytime.
  3. Provenance and quality guarantee – M.S Cellars will sit behind the provenance and quality of your wine. When you decide to resell your wine through M.S Cellars Wine Exchange (currently under development), we provide a quality guarantee to the new buyers so that you can maximise your return.
  4. Your wine is automatically insured for its replacement value.

What is M.S Cellars Wine Exchange?

M.S Cellars Wine Exchange (“MWX”) is a subsidiary of M.S Cellars, aiming to be the most trustworthy wine trading platform which offers the best quality back vintage wine to buyers.

MWX only offers wines from members of M.S Cellars who purchased and stored wine with us to guarantee the quality of the wine to the end buyers with 50 days return policy. In this way, the new buyers will not offer a low price due to the uncertainty of the wine so that we can generate a higher investment return to our users.

Again, we only charge 7.5% marketing fee from the seller, which is the lowest commission fee in the market, to make a more attractive solution for wine investors.