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As wine jerks, we are always chasing wine with “wow” factors with reasonable pricing. We act as your buyer to recommend good value wine, and help you to reduce the risk of getting a bottle opened with disappointing.

We do not sell every wine, but we are skockist of every product on our website, so that we can guarantee a quick turnaround.

If you would like to have some special or rare bottles, please also come to us, we can find them for you. We understand storage conditions are very important, only source our wine directly from the importers, distributors or straight from wineries.

If you need some advice on selecting wine or wine packs for your family dinner, gifting or some special events, please contact us at

Wine accessories

We have a range of wine accessories for our clients, including:

  • The most effective wine preservation system – Corivin;
  • The inventor of modern wine glasses – Riedel;
  • The lightest and professional crystal glasses – Zalto;
  • The only bottle opener designed for vintage wine – The Durand;

Investment/collection grade wine

Investment/collection grade wine is an asset class with factors including low volatility, against inflation but can also bring enjoyments.

Not every wine can be considered as investment/collection grade, the key elements of investment grade wine includes:

  • Brand recognition;
  • High score given from wine critics;
  • Best vintages;
  • Limited to low production;
  • Good provenance; and
  • Great aging potential.

M.S Cellars will explore the investment/collection grade wine together with you.

We will publish our researches and articles so that we can explore this journey together. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at